2018, Two carousel slide projectors with 80 slides each
Parallel projection 2 x ca. 30 x 40 cm

2018 Kunstverein Kunsthaus Potsdam | 2019 Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden | 2019 Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin

pHash (Perceptual Hash) is the name of the algorithm used by Google Image Search. This technique makes it possible to find similar images by reducing an image to its essential features and thus calculating a so-called digital fingerprint. Images with similar features have similar or even identical fingerprints. In simple terms, this fingerprint is produced by assigning a 1 to lighter areas of the image and a 0 to darker areas. The fingerprint is calculated from this combination of ones and zeros, which is individual for each image. For the pHash project, slide photographs of paintings from past centuries were used and entered in the Google Image Search. A picture associated with this by Google was in turn exposed as a slide and is projected in parallel.

Exhibition views
Museum Villa Roth, Burgrieden, Germany

Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin, Germany

Kunstverein KunstHaus Potsdam, Germany

Excerpt from the slide presentation